Venice is a special place, a unique ecosystem of open minded, creative, resourceful, socially conscious, kind people, unconstrained by convention, who are willing to think and act outside of the box. That is why, we at Pluribus choose Venice as our home, and is also why I, as the Executive Director, live here and am proud for us to be a member of Venice Chamber of Commerce.

We believe that for every problem humanity faces we need two things; a solution and a process for finding that solution. Since our inception in 2013, our primary mission has always been to develop new models of collaborative problem-solving for addressing social and global challenges. We are doing this in a more innovative and inclusive way than ever before whilst refocusing attention on the often overlooked problem solving process itself.

Venice has become an epicenter of technological and scientific advances and with that comes fresh opportunity. As a community, we should be revisiting the problem solving process for those challenges that previously seemed insurmountable. As a local 501(c)(3), we believe that now is the time to refresh how to alleviate or solve those problems, incorporating the new tool kit we as humanity have unlocked. What may have once been considered a moonshot is now totally within our grasp.

Being a member of Venice Chamber of Commerce has truly assisted us in our critical mission to tap into that collective goodness and brainpower of diverse and motivated problem-solvers from our local community and beyond. The Chamber’s inclusive meetings and mixers which happen in the local Venice community on a regular basis, allow us not only to meet the people who care and wish to contribute but also maximizes our ability to harness that power into tangible action.  The chamber creates the networking opportunities to connect with people face to face and get our message out there on a more personal level.

“Venice has always been a place for discovery and wonder.  Everyday, an inviting spirit animates the place and draws the curious, unique and legendary to work, play and innovate.” – George Francisco, President – Venice Chamber of Commerce 2016/17.

As we continue to grow and develop our social impact, we at Pluribus will keep the spirit of Venice in the very foundation of everything we do. If there is one thing that can save the world, it’s people working together effectively. For more information about Venice Chamber of Commerce and how to become a member or get involved visit their website at