The world needs a place for problem-solving to flourish; an ecosystem where the knowledge and creativity of the many can be harnessed for good. Our proposed solution is to create a global university devoted to problem-solving. Pluribus is an inclusive community for engagement where people can work together to solve problems and improve the problem-solving process itself.

We established a “university” structure because university ecosystems have ingredients fundamental to our success. Although today people tend to equate “university” with student-centric things like lectures, tuition, and degrees, that view is much too narrow and ignores the more important traditions and aspirations of universities worldwide. As set forth in the Magna Charta, universities should serve the broader society by advancing the frontiers of knowledge, creating community, safeguarding academic freedom, transcending borders, and connecting researchers. These aspects align naturally with our proposed solution.

We are organizing the University into four Institutes devoted to different aspects of the problem-solving process: Collaboration, Knowledge, Innovation and Implementation. Each Institute will be a repository of leading-edge tools and information relating to the Institute’s focus, and they will actively advance their respective fields. Together, the Institutes will work to solve specific problems, using each problem-solving effort to hone their skills and also to learn new lessons.

We believe that innovation can be spurred by cataloging the problem-solving methodologies that have been utilized to solve problems in the past. Therefore we also intend to create a “Library of Ideas” (tentatively dubbed the “Library of Alexandria 2.0.17”) for this purpose.

Wikipedia is the largest repository of knowledge because it harnessed the power of many to build an encyclopedic resource for all. Similarly, Pluribus will utilize modern technology to harness the power of many to solve our challenges big and small.

At Pluribus, everything is open-source with a goal of spreading our tools widely for the betterment of humanity.

Executive director – Faye E Livesey