Here at Pluribus we were thrilled to be recipients of The Abbot Kinney Festival Association Community Grant this Sunday. Every year The Abbot Kinney Festival Association accept applications from non profit organizations who work locally for the collective betterment of the community.

Venice is not only our HQ at Pluribus but is also our creative home. It truly is a special place. A unique ecosystem of open minded, creative, resourceful, socially conscious, kind people, unconstrained by convention, who are willing to think and act outside of the box. To have the work we do be recognized by this wonderful Venice Community Association is incredible.

The grant will help us move closer to our goal of having an inspirational & quirky Venice campus for intellectual collaboration & out of the box problem solving. The ‘PluriBUS’ (yes a double decker bus), will host a state of the art conference room downstairs and a co-working office space upstairs. The interior will be breath taking, fully fitted with the latest technology; a wifi hub, teleconferencing enabled with seminar/webinar space. The co-working space will be compact yet comfortable with inspirational Venice views. The exterior will boast a large glass frontage and shaded by a vehicle wrap displaying local art and technology, with Pluribus and partner organization logos incorporated. It will be the headquarters for the non profit alongside holding space for our partner organizations and any other humanitarian/ non profit focussed organizations and members of the community who want to have an impact in the challenges we face today.


Work is underway to transform the bus into a PluriBUS & we welcome further donations and/or partnerships. We are also actively looking for a great location to place the PluriBUS in Venice. Somewhere prominent and accessible to the community. Please reach out to us if you wish to help.