How time fly’s when you are busy trying to make an impact in your community. Already we are well into the New year and here at E Pluribus University we intend for it to be the best year yet. On behalf of Perry Goldberg, our wonderful founder along with our fantastic board of directors I would like to give you an update on what’s happening at Pluribus.

We are scouting locations and partners for our physical campus in Venice (Silicon Beach) and work is well and truly underway on the refurbishment of the mobile campus, our double decker ‘PluriBUS’. I am personally in the midst of organizing our formal launch event set for April and will be making details available shortly; it will be an event to remember.

Additionally we are hard at work creating the Pluribus syllabus, expect regular blogs specific to each of our 4 institutes.

Tomorrow is our quarterly board meeting and together we will be agreeing how to move forwards and have the best impact possible. That said, we need your input to truly make the scale of difference in the world needed. Please do share, comment and get in contact with us. We want your ideas, energy and time.