Since our inception in 2013, our primary mission has always been to develop new models of collaborative problem-solving for addressing social and global challenges, including leveraging the collective brainpower of diverse and motivated problem-solvers. And it has always been our mission to catalyze progress for the betterment of humanity by deploying Pluribus’s innovations while placing a spotlight on our shared humanity to inspire others to take action.


Our solution starts with creating an intellectual hub to harness the power of people and to improve each aspect of the problem-solving process, learning lessons about each in a contextual manner – i.e, by working to solve a variety of global problems with an eye toward the process itself. We believe we can generate helpful solutions to specific problems while developing universal, freely available tools to improve the world’s problem- solving capabilities. If there is one thing that can save the world, it’s people working together effectively. We are helping to pave the way.


Pluribus is based on the motto ‘E Pluribus Unum’— The Latin phrase E Pluribus means “From many,” and embodies our core focus of harnessing the power of the many so we can work together for the benefit of humanity.  Our name is also an homage to the national motto of the United States, “E Pluribus Unum,” which means “From many, one.”  We embrace the “melting pot” sentiment that underlies this motto, and the inclusive ideals it represents.  We are proud to conduct our activities under this unique name that simultaneously connotes the local and the global, as well as the old and the new. This truly ‘by the people, for the people’ construct ensures that our solution has a charitable purpose.


The strength of our proposed solution is that, in many ways, our “team” is all of humanity, including you. Of course, harnessing the power of humanity is a task that initially falls to the current leadership of Pluribus. Pluribus’ founder, Perry Goldberg, is a graduate of both Harvard Law School and the Wharton School of Business. He combines limitless curiosity and optimism with a sense of what’s realistic. Perry understands that what is realistic, however, is often not yet real, but rather is something we can make real. He is a lifelong problem solver. He motivates others to set aside their cynicism and join the team to make the world a better place. Perry has carefully chosen two other well-accomplished lawyers to join him on the Pluribus Board of Directors: Andrew Altschul and Danielle Lackey. Each has a track record of success in their profession, and each has a sense of purpose and idealism that transcends work. Similarly, with the Board’s approval, Perry hand-picked Faye Livesey to be the Executive Director of Pluribus and Eli Lipmen to be the Executive Director of the ThriveLA project. Each is a leader with the smarts and enthusiasm to deliver results.

Faye Livesey

Pluribus Executive Director

Faye is a leadership graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst; Britain’s prestigious Army Officer Academy. She served 8 years as an Officer and has travelled to more than 30 countries.

Eli Lipmen

ThriveLA Executive Director

Eli is a commissioner for the largest grassroots democracy initiative in the country (the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council System) and was named “40 under 40” in Los Angeles by civil rights group the Empowerment Congress.